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Submissions - Cleaning pressing

We are an Authorised CGC Dealer, which means we can submit comics on your behalf to CGC. This can be done either by sending us your comics or buying them from us for sending to CGC. We can also submit to CBCS  - prices are the same as those listed below - please email and confirm which company or place in the notes section on paypal

Any queries on which CGC tier your comics fall under  - then please do not hesitate to contact me (giles@asgardcomics or 07812236482)

The customer is responsible for sending the comics to us. Please ensure that comics are bagged and boarded and securely packaged up.

For packing to us we suggest putting the comics in bundles of no more than 6 to 8 comics, place the comics (still in their individual bags) cover to cover with opposing spines, The 6 to 8 bundle needs to be sandwiched between thick cardboard which slightly larger than the comic) and taping the carboard top, bottom, side and side) then wrap this sandwich in bubble wrap and place in a solid cardboard box) write fragile and do not crush on the box) and ship to us, The cost for post and insurance is at the expense of the customer. Asgardcomics are not responsible for any damage that may occur during transit to us. Upon receipt we will email inventory to you and complete the necessary forms.

We are not responsible nor accountable for the grade your comics get and no refunds will be given if the comic does not receive the grade you expected. CGC and CBCS are independent grading companies and is totally outside of our control. Sales are final once we receive your books.


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